The U.S Math Crisis

The U.S Math Crisis


We have a math crisis in the U.S.


Maybe that's the least of our problems. But maybe not. Consider this:


  • 80% of US 8th graders cannot calculate fractions, decimals and percentages.

  • 40% of US 4th graders cannot tell NE from SW on a map.


It's really just us. The world does better:


  • In Germany 35% of teens take and pass advanced placement exams; in the US it's 4%

  • In Japan kids start algebra two years ahead of those in the US.


What are the repercussions?


  • In the California State University system 60% of Freshman are required to take remedial math and science classes

  • One in five adult Americans cannot:

    • Calculate the total of a purchase w/tax & tip

    • Locate an intersection on a road map

    • Enter background information correctly on a form

  • MIT economist Lester Thurow says that only 20% of Americans have the work skills and education to be competitive in the global marketplace


And no one believes it! In a recent study 71% of high school parents say that they are satisfied with the math education their children are getting. Ouch.


The US has a math crisis. And the repercussions are serious. Join ShillerMath in creating better outcomes for our children and country.


Larry Shiller

Larry Shiller is President of ShillerLearning, whose mission is to help kids learn - and enjoy - math. Shiller has degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard Business School and is the author of Software Excellence (Prentice-Hall).

A father of three, Shiller is active in non-profits and his hobbies include working with local startups, music (Shiller is an accomplished violinist who - when not helping children learn math and language arts - performs in the NYC tri-state area), tennis (Shiller's team made it to the USTA national finals in his skill bracket), Quoridor (Shiller is a former USA Champion), backgammon (Shiller is the Voice of Backgammon, doing commentary on backgammon tournaments worldwide), table tennis, and flying (Shiller holds a private pilot's license).